May 10, 2007

Consumer Mojo, Music Mojo, Running Mojo v. Crafting Mojo?

+ = :-(

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those days. It was like those days pharmaceutical companies depict in their more fast-and-loose commercials for anti-depressants, the ones where nothing goes right, where your shopping cart tips over in the grocery store parking lot, where you have a headache, where your children shriek "I hate you, mommy!" Except none of those specific things happened to me. But you get the idea.

One of the lovely events of the day was that I threw a bottle of Vitamin Water in my bag without making sure it was closed tightly. While (of COURSE) the flood spared my Blackberry from work, my beloved mp3 player calcified into a sticky little corpse.

Yesterday, the mourning period over, I bought a new player. Annoyed that iRiver had come out with a marginally better second generation that no longer fit with any of the accessories I'd bought with my original, and that the original was more expensive than it was when I first bought it, I abandoned my year-long Apple boycott and felt much happier:

31B4GAS80VL._SL130_ + 411nzDZ5ZeL._SL130_ + 41ip0fQsY4L._SL130_ = :-)

And now to watch the post for that box from

I am not sure why I am sharing with you my consumer bliss. Maybe it's because I was inspired by Runagogo - I plan to start running again and am looking forward to logging my own 100 miles on Nike + iPod. Even though I'm not a Nike girl, you gotta appreciate what a great use of technology that is.

So running will resume. I'm also trying to get to yoga twice a week. And I'm reading fiction again - I finally settled on The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. It was a bit slow-starting. Eco is verbose and adores lists, and the first 50 pages contain a lot of list-like, neverending paragraphs about various monks and orders and other medieval stuff. But at heart it's a mystery, and once the intrigue began to unfold, the story got engaging. Oh, and we saw The Arcade Fire at United Palace earlier this week (and ran into the Abundantly Lovely Lisa!). You can listen to one of their live shows here, courtesy of NPR.

But as you can see, I have not been crafting much. Slowly-slowly the Urban Aran inches toward completion. I should get my hands on an really exciting zipper to look forward to, as motivation to finish up the knitting part. Still, I've been giving lots of thought to why my crafting mojo has dissipated. A friend of mine says, jokingly (in part), that we knit to fill some kind of void. That might be true, or maybe not. Either way, my fingers haven't itched for the needles for a while, and it's not just because I'm busy at work. Ah well, no answers to the mysterious evaporating craft impulse just yet, but maybe I'll keep you posted!

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