Patrick Swayzathon

nobody puts baby in a corner!Last night's sleepover also occasioned the revival of an old slumber party ritual - the viewing of Dirty Dancing. Seeing it makes me doubt the sanity of any man who refuses to learn to dance. I'm just sayin', it works for Patrick Swayze. Despite the utter campiness of that classic film, large puddles of drool accumulated under the chins of several mesmerized sleepers over. Poor Jennifer Grey - she might have had a career if not for that nose job.

Seeing Dirty Dancing again also brought back memories of those fine afternoons at Joy's house in high school spent repeatedly watching another Patrick Swayze classic, Point Break, which in my opinion is actually decent, the cop / surfer / bank robber flick that it is. Who wants to rent it with me?

Posted by jess at May 23, 2004 4:39 PM