chicken pot pie recipe with cream of chicken soup

chicken pot pie recipe with cream of chicken soup

chicken pot pie recipe with cream of chicken soup


Chicken Pot Pie is the epitome of home cooking– a warm, full-flavored meal that combines tender hen, tasty veggies, and a half-cracked pastry crust. In this recipe, we’ll reveal to you just how to produce a tasty Chicken Casserole, making use of the ease of lotion of poultry soup. This faster way not only simplifies the process but also adds an added layer of luscious benefits to the recipe. Prepare to learn the art of crafting this timeless favorite, as well as thrill your loved ones with a hearty, self-made dish.

Active Ingredients You’ll Need

Prior to looking into the food preparation procedure, let’s collect the important components for this soothing meal:

2 mugs prepared chicken, cubed or shredded

1 cup frozen blended vegetables (carrots, peas, corn, and also eco-friendly beans).

1 can (10.75 oz) condensed cream of poultry soup.

1/2 cup milk.

1 tsp dried thyme.

1 teaspoon dried-out rosemary.

Salt and pepper to preference.

1 bundle of chilled pie crusts (or homemade if chosen).

1 egg, beaten (for egg wash).


Preparing the Filling up.

Begin by pre-heating your stove to 375 ° F( 190 ° C ). In a large mixing bowl, combine the prepared chicken and frozen mixed vegetables. The hen can be remaining baked or rotisserie hen, making this recipe perfect for utilizing leftovers.

Producing the Creamy Base.

In a different dish, blend together the compressed lotion of chicken soup and milk until smooth. This creamy mixture will work as the base for your pot pie’s dental filling.

Flavor Infusion.

Add the dried-out thyme, dried rosemary, salt, and pepper to the luscious base. These natural herbs will bring heat as well as deepness of taste to the recipe. Mix every little thing completely until the natural herbs are uniformly dispersed.

Combining Filling and also Creamy Combination.

Pour the luscious natural herb blend over the poultry and veggie mixture. Delicately fold whatever together till the hen and vegetables are coated with the velvety benefits. The result must be well-incorporated and full of a delicious structure.

Preparing the Pastry.

Unroll the cooled pie crusts and also let them be at room temperature level, complying with the plan guidelines. Line a pie dish with among the crusts, gently pressing it into all-time low and sides.

Putting Together the Casserole.

Meticulously spoon the velvety hen and veggie loading into the ready pie crust. Make sure the dental filling is equally distributed, as well as it’s all right if it piles a little in the facility.

Treatment of the Casserole.

Location the 2nd pie crust over the dental filling. You can leave it whole, or for a timeless latticework style, reduce the crust into strips and also weave them over the dental filling. Press the edges of the crusts with each other to seal the pie.

Adding the Finishing Touch.

For a golden and glossy crust, brush the top of the pie with the beaten egg. This egg wash will certainly offer your pot pie that appealing, bakery-worthy appearance.

Cooking to Excellence.

Location the pie dish on a flat pan (to catch any potential spills) and then move it to the preheated oven. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or till the crust is perfectly gold and the dental filling is bubbly

Serving and also Savoring.

As soon as the casserole is out of the oven, let it great slightly prior to slicing and serving. Each forkful will certainly yield a reassuring combination of tender poultry, savory vegetables, and the luscious splendor of the sauce.

Tips as well as Variations.

Personalize the Veggies: While frozen blended veggies are convenient, feel free to make use of fresh vegetables like cut carrots, peas, and green beans for a dynamic twist.

Add Potatoes: For a heartier pot pie, consider adding cubed potatoes to the dental filling. Just make sure to parboil them prior to mixing with the various other components.

Natural herb Substitutions: If you don’t have thyme or rosemary accessible, you can utilize fowl spices or other herbs like sage as well as marjoram.

Make it Mini: Develop specific portions by utilizing ramekins or tiny pie dishes as opposed to huge ones. The tiny casserole will certainly have the very same delicious taste in a charming package.


Creating a Hen Casserole with Cream of Poultry Soup is like covering on your own in a relaxing culinary hug. The mix of tender hen, calming veggies, and creamy sauce, all encased in a half-cracked crust, is a joy that warms up both the tummy and the heart.

So, whether you’re aiming to bring comfort to a family member’s dinner or thrill visitors at an event, this dish is your ticket to a mouthwatering meal that is certain to become a family favorite.

Delight in the procedure of food preparation, the expectancy as it bakes, as well as the satisfying preference of a homemade traditional given birth to in your very own kitchen.

Note: Nutritional information might vary based on particular active ingredients and section dimensions.

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