Mailbag Feb 15

I went to class today only to turn right around by the time my second class was about to start. I coughed through Fed Courts and people were looking at me as if I had some dread disease. Being that I felt shitty anyway, I didn’t need ostracization on top of everything and returned home. There are lots of tidbits on which to update you, though!

  • Everybody wave “Hi” to Birch… “Hi Birch!” She’s looking rumpled as usual, but with only 8 pattern repeats left to go she’ll be blocking within the week.
  • The cash generated from last week’s de-stashing has gone into just what you’d expect… more yarn and knitting schwag! As you can see above, I bought 4 balls of Southwest Trading Company Bamboo in a dark red – the color is perfecto for my Orangina vision! Or perhaps she’ll be known in these parts as Strawberry Crush. I haven’t even removed the yarn from the bag yet. SWTC has developed a softer blend of fibers for this version of Bamboo and it seems a big improvement over the original. It’s truly super soft. How I heart bamboo! Even if it ends up too thick for Orangina’s lace pattern, I’m going to keep the stuff and use it for something.
  • Post-destash investment #2: Worsted and Natural Colors colorcards from Beaverslide Dry Goods. I’m considering one of the naturals for the grand self-designed shawl-collared aran I’ve been plotting for C.
  • Post-destash investment #3: Patterns for two stylish sleeveless tops called “The Jems Collection” [via Yahaira].
  • The new issue of Interweave Knits hit my mailbox today (it said “ow!”). I’m mmeh on it. Three patterns I liked immediately, though, were Veronik Avery’s Prairie Tunic, the Drop Stitch Hoodie, and Kate Gilbert’s Sunrise Circle Jacket (free .pdf pattern!). The jacket may not really be my style, but the “sunburst” construction of the piece is rad.


On other fronts, Chris and I had a sweet, low key evening last night… all we could muster given my current state of invalidity. We made a simple dinner followed by only piece of our elaborate meal plan we followed through on… Soufflé au Chocolat!

Valentine's Day Souffle au Chocolat

The recipe was from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by idol for super tall sherry-swigging ladies everywhere, Julia Child. Having never made soufflé before, we both agree it was a definite success. But because we made the recipe in small ramekins instead of the large dish the recipe called for, I didn’t really know when they were done and took them out early. No problem – they were still very light and tasty but they fell within minutes…

Souffle Tombe

Only later did I flip to a different section of the cookbook to read the paragraph on how to know when a soufflé is done, which reported that they should probably have stayed in a good 10 minutes longer. Still, we got the hard part (getting the eggs right) down, I think. We ate the better-cooked ones (not the ones pictured!). And we just addressed the problem of the vast holes in each soufflé by filling the void with vanilla ice cream (my general philosophy for filling voids of all sorts).

Then we ventured out to BAM for a screening of the very charming and romantic Ball of Fire with Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper, and as our friend and resident film expert Rachel told me, the seven most famous character actors of the time. They were adorable! “Why I once drove out with President Roosevelt and he said my driving was bully!”

And now I have a very exciting date here in bed with my humidifier and the illuminating Erwin Chemerinsky, so I must bid you adieu. Catch y’all later!

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