Remember me? I’m back from my sojourn in the bottom of Jessica’s dresser:


Pattern: Colchique, from Phildar Irlandais 2004
Yarn: School Products Cashmere, DK weight
Needles: US 5

Notes: Motivated by the first finished Colchique at the Colichique Knitalong, I’ve decided to confront the demons in my own little blue “pull.” Forgive the grainy photos and the fact that the yarn ends are not, after months and months, woven in yet. I’m still deciding whether to keep Colchique. The problem? Check it:


That’s right. She’s more than a tad loose. Perhaps I should keep her around for a maternity sweater? Seriously, I fear this sweater is going to stretch heinously after wear (especially if I keep pulling on it to demonstrate how huge it gets). It’s big around the shoulders, too. I had been saving this yarn for a really special project – something simple yet unusual… but I just couldn’t bear forcing this luxurious cashmere into the supertight gauge the pattern calls for. So we have a loose final product, a-duh.

I’ll admit though, after putting her in a drawer for a couple of months, my disappointment with her has ebbed and I can see her better points. I like the neckline, and she’s super cushy, soft, and very warm. I’m going to continue to think about whether to frog and use the yarn for something else. But maybe I’ll weave in the ends in the meantime.

Additional Photos:

colchique full body

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