Irish Hiking Scarf 3

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf, free pattern from Hello Yarn
Yarn: School Products Worsted Weight Cashmere
Needles: US 8 Lantern Moon straight needles
Recipient: Undecided

Notes: This is the millionth Irish Hiking Scarf you’ve seen. But no matter – it’s a lovely, simple pattern, perfect for typical amounts of stash yarn. And in this case, quite the stash yarn it was – about 4 oz. (?) of School Products cashmere, in my favorite of the colors they’ve offered. As I mentioned long ago, the ladies of School Products had often prodded me to use larger needles for the yarn than it looked suited for at first glance. It looks about DK weight to the eye, but the larger needles really provide the space for the cashmere to plump up and become ultra soft and plush. You can kinda see it in this closeup:

Irish Hiking Scarf 2

… but I wish I could send you a virtual squeeze of this scarf. Between the cables (which thicken the fabric) and the yarn, it’s truly a luxury. The cables are a little loose and stretchy, but I think this pattern doesn’t demand too much solidity from the cables, so it’s all good. Here’s one more view.

Irish Hiking Scarf 1

Now the question of who should recieve this lovely squish of a neck piece. She’d make a great gift, but then it might be unseemly to gift one person something knitted for the holidays and not others. And then, you know, I could just solve the problem by keeping it for myself. Enter inner struggle…

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