Pattern: Ballet Pullover by Teva Durham, from Summer ’04 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Recycled Bulky Cotton
Needles: US 11, 24″ circulars

I’m reserving judgment about this sweater. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it seems kind of unflattering (the center shaping adds interest; it can also add the illusion of more belly than may actually exist). It’s an absurdly quick knit, though, so nothing’s really lost in the process.

The only major modification is the 3/4 inch sleeves since (a) so many of you liked them and (b) laziness interfered with my ability to knit full long sleeves.

A note about the yarn: it drove me absolutely nuts, and may continue to do so throughout the life of the sweater. I don’t know what this is called, but it’s the kind of yarn that’s just a bunch of untwisted strands, and many of the individual strands broke in the recycling process. Now they are rearing their scraggly little heads in several places on the sweater. It’s easy to stuff them back between stitches, but, well, argh.

UPDATE: Ah! Commenter Sky has reminded me of one more modification to the original pattern. The Interweave version of this top (unlike the version in Teva’s book) has a crochet finished collar. Being no good at crochet and predisposed to wide necklines, I left it off. Flashdance forever!

Also, if you’d like to get this issue of Interweave, you can purchase it from The Knitting Garden or a number of other shops that stock back issues.

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