So there’s over 1 lb. of navy worsted weight cashmere sitting in my stash at the moment. It’s beginning to make me feel guilty: I bought it almost two years ago. A wee bit went to Chris’ Boyfriend Scarf, but there’s more than enough there for a sweater for me.

Now that the USMP only needs arms (no progress there, though), I’m committing to use the cashmere in my next project. I want a design that will show off the lushness of the cashmere, something you couldn’t buy in a store without dropping several hundred bucks. My first thought was some kind of lush button-up cardigan, maybe with a turtleneck collar, maybe even asymmetrical. But after searching for just the right pattern I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I settled on some non-cardigan options. This one goes all the way back to Rowan 32, Winter 2002:

Braid. Two things: First, the collar is actually a t-neck (why on earth does this model look so weepy? is the widdle modew having a bad day?), and as a rule I prefer crewneck pullovers. But I don’t think it should be hard to turn it into a crewneck if I wanted to. Second, it’s designed for chunky yarn. Maybe if I knit a size or two up with smaller needles? Think that could work? If not, I suppose I could design my own pattern with a similar motif, but I prefer to have someone else to swear at if it goes horribly wrong.

Of course, there’s also this sweater from Phildar Irlandais, which I’ve been drooling over since March:

This pattern is created for worsted-weight yarn, which would eliminate the transposition problem, but has another difficulty in that it is quite a complicated pattern written in French. Also, the navy might not show off these more delicate cables to their best advantage. Still, it would be completely unique, something you could never find in a store. (Oh, and I’d ditch the thumb holes, bien sur).

UPDATE: For those who are interested, I’m pretty sure copies of that issue of Irlandais can be purchased here, from Knit ‘n’ Tyme. Mine was obtained via the good graces of the lovely Sarah in France.

I’d get tons of wear out of either of these girls, but it’s a difficult choice between them … ah well, I’m sure USMP will be giving me plenty of time to stew about the matter.

UPDATE: Er, well, also Sesame from the new Magknits is along the lines of what I was thinking about cardigan-wise, so that’s in the running as well! (Although it is somewhat plainer than the other choices)

Posted by jess at September 17, 2005 3:17 PM

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