So after much reflection I confirmed that the USMP was beginning to stress me out, and that the main thing troubling me was having gone so long without actually finishing anything. So I set out to find (1) a fast, bulky project (2) using yarn from my stash and (3) needles I already owned. Probably this penchant for instant gratification is a sign of too much television as a child or something. But I digress.

Perhaps I also, secretly, wanted something to wear to the Loop-d-Loop book signing at Stitch Therapy, my LYS, later this month.

I revisited Teva Durham’s Ballet Pullover from the Summer ’04 issue of Interweave Knits, which I had made a doomed attempt to start once with some bizarre yarn shaped like shoelaces. This time I tried some bulky cotton yarn recycled from a thrift-store top. The gauge was too small (12st = 3.5″ instead of 12st=4″), so I chose two sizes up from my normal size and got going.

Teva Durham Ballet Pullover - Body

The body is now complete. I think I will go ahead and add long sleeves – the sweater actually demanded very little yarn and oodles of said recycled yarn remains. Surprisingly, the finished product is actually pretty roomy. Wearable, but roomy… probably my regular size would have served just fine, especially considering all the stretch in the pattern. It’s especially surprising considering I’d heard others who made this pattern complain that it turned out more snugly than they’d expected. Ah, the mysteries of yarn substitution.

Also, the neck is supposed to be finished with a crocheted border. I have little faith in my ability to crochet, though it may be worth a try, it’s nice unfinished as well.

Anyhoo, the sweater should be finished in a day or so, after which I’ll throw it in a warm wash (it’s washable… hurrah!) and dry in an effort to tighten it up a bit. If it’s still too big, I might just frog and start over again, since it was such a quick knit.

Posted by jess at September 13, 2005 10:55 AM

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