Union Square Market Pullover Body

Progress on USMP continues. I completed the body today (after another finishing-triggered swearing spell similar to that provoked by the Hourglass Sweater). It’s a bit loose on me although my gauge seems roughly correct, but not so loose as to look schlubby. I actually dig the shape of it so far. My other potential beef is that the yarn seems a bit itchy. I’m not sensitive to itch, particularly, so I’ll probably get used to it, but it’s still annoying.

I also continue to be concerned about the rolling of the top and bottom hems. It’s unclear whether blocking will eliminate it entirely.

The question of the hour is this: Do I possess the wherewithall to move right on to the sleeves and finish the project by next week, or should another, quicker project be interposed between body and sleeves to avoid any night sweats and anxiousness that may follow from prolonged exposure to size 2 needles?

Posted by jess at September 11, 2005 4:41 PM

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