So I didn’t go to Houston. After doing some research, calling friends and contacts and aid organizations, it seemed like last week there were more volunteers than were needed. Going down there for the week would have been more for my benefit than for the benefit of those displaced by Katrina, so I instead donated what I would have spent on plane fare. If, in a few weeks or months, the tide of volunteers ebbs, well, we’ll see.

In the meantime I thought I’d show you some progress on my two current projects, neither of which is exactly a quick knit. Completing two sweaters on size 5 and size 2 needles when all one’s time to knit consists of cobbled-together subway rides is, well, IMHO, wack. I don’t know what got into me. But the first bulky-wool project I begin after this is gonna seem like un piece de gateau.

The first sweater…

… is to be a short-sleeved scoop neck cardigan. I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Sandstone. The pattern is my own, or rather, is inspired by the chapter on yoked sweaters in Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The sweater is shaping up nicely, though it may end up too large not because of gauge mistakes but rather because the dumbass who’s knitting it came up with the original measurements from a top that is somewhat ill-fitting. The fabric also has a lot of stretch, which I’m hoping once blocked will be amenable to being smaller, rather than just stretching out permanently.

At this point…

… she’s a bit stalled. You see, I want a real scoop neck on her. Joelle from Purl suggested using short rows to accomplish this. I’m not entirely sure how to implement them though to make a scooped neck. This may all be more clear once I finish with the other project I’m working on, the Union Square Market Pullover:

It may not look like much, but I must say I’m satisfied by the steadiness of my progress, despite how slow it’s been. By my calculations, this project ought to have been stashed on a shelf somewhere weeks ago. Anyhoo, at this point I’ve finished the back and done my first short rows and am quickly approaching the much more complex short row section to shape the v-neck of the sweater. I hope after that it will become clear how to construct the cardi’s scooped neck.

As you can see, the bottom (and the top back) edges of the sweater roll just terribly. I’m nervous about this being the permanent state of the sweater, since the rolling is quite insistent I fear even blocking the poop out of it may not solve anything. Considering how much time this project will have taken in the end, that would be very very sad indeed.

I’m telling you – if this sweater doesn’t work out, I may not just frog it. I may have to actually burn it just to satisfy my wasted time demon.

Eh, what else? Yesterday afternoon my dear hometown friend Jessica, who lives just blocks from me in Brooklyn, came over and we drank beer and made mini cupcakes:

Man, mini just amplifies the cuteness! We almost ‘sploded from cuteness overload. It’s unclear that they were mini from this photo, but trust me, o they were mini. They were sooo mini.

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