Something awful has happened. You may remember that Chris and I (aka Farmer Chris and Farmer Jess) are attempting to cultivate three tomato plants on our roof. We bought the organic heirloom tomato plants from the Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza. We potted them. We fed them. We located them in the optimal spot for sunlight on the roof. We climbed the stairs with large pitchers of water every single day. We gave them love. And look what has been given back to us:




Some scoundrel! Some beast! Some rodent has feasted on our beloved fruits before we could. We are very very sad about this. Can you see the wee teeth marks?

I guess we’ll try to get some chicken wire to put around the perimeter of the pots or something. I hope that works… we don’t want to lose our entire crop. Sigh…

Posted by jess at July 21, 2005 8:09 AM

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