cherry baby

Yesterday I studied for six hours, took a two hour break, then studied for another six hours or so. This was all an elaborate scheme to justify riding my bike down to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a friday afternoon just before exams, and the day before the annual cherry blossom festival. Besides the swarms of orthodox jewish families enjoying the blooms on Friday, before the Sabbath, the garden was relatively mellow and peaceful. Good thing I went when I did – the japanese hill and pond garden was just about past its peak, and the famous cherry esplanade was right in the midst of it. I took plenty of photos – to view them, read on…

esplanade walk

yee hah!  a rather risque fountain near the esplanade.


one of the last blooming trees in the hill and pond garden

can't think of a better place to nap, can you?

fiddlehead ferns

a bride in the hill and pond garden

white blooms

over the fence of the hill and pond garden

Posted by jess at May 1, 2004 6:06 PM

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