aw, tulips - my favorite!

Although C. and I always agree before Valentine’s Day that, since we love each other every day, we’ll try to keep stretching out any material displays of affection the whole year long. Every year we still end up going out and doing something romantic. In the morning, C. brought home the tulips above (tulips are so much nicer looking than roses!). We went out purely because it was Saturday night, and ended up at my new favorite place in the Village, ‘ino, before seeing the romantic film of the year, City of God. (A note to the gullible, the City of God thing is a joke. While I highly recommend the film, don’t take your sweetie and plan to neck unless you get off on ten-year-olds shooting each other.) ‘ino was WONDERFUL – a tiny, cozy place with a perfect antipasto plate, creative paninis, and an affordable wine list. Best of all, no reservation was necessary on V-day, and we only waited a pleasant half hour at the bar, chatting with the shaggy but knowledgeable bartender. It was such a lovely evening, even the ride home on the F train couldn’t ruin it.

Posted by jessica at February 15, 2004 11:39 AM

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