Yippee! My favorite fruit is back in stock at the Co-op! Kumquats are extremely sour little citrus fruits with sweet skins.

Kumquats are healthy: just a few contain your daily intake of vitamins C and A.

Kumquats are tasty: I like kumquats as they are, but some people fancy them candied. Ooh, here’s a recipe for Candied Kumquat Key Lime Pie! Sounds exciting. I bet this Cranberry-Kumquat Chutney would knock the socks off your Thanksgiving guests next year!

Kumquats are attractive: So colorful and photogenic, they are just begging to be put to decorative use. They’d even be a cool Christmas centerpiece, on each table in a tall glass vessel of some kind, dontcha think?

Maybe I’ll spring for those tickets to this year’s Kumquat Festival in Dade City, Florida. It’s not too late to enter the Miss Kumquat pageant!

Posted by jessica at January 24, 2004 08:48 PM

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