Travels & (Slow) Transformations: Kitchen in Progress, etc.

This summer has been a whirlwind. It is only half done, and we have already taken three family-related trips—well, one was at the end of spring, but I count it. Two, though, were for happy reasons: my niece was bat mitzvahed in Vancouver, and my father-in-law retired and had a family celebration in Cape May, New Jersey. Neither of those is an unpleasant destination, so you won't hear me complaining too strenuously.

Seattle Chucks

More photos from our Pacific Northwest travels here.

Meanwhile, we have been making slow progress on our kitchen upgrade. Recall, here is where we started:

Kitchen Straight On

And here is where we were in April:

"Open" Shelving
Kitchen in Progress

Meet the new lights of my life: our new range, faucets, and dishwasher (awaiting its custom panel to match the cabinets).

New Faucets

"I go on or off when you touch me!! The plumbers were very impressed."

New Range

"Two words, double oven. Three more words. Power boil burner." Hott. Literally.

Those couple of changes have made a huge difference already, even though the kitchen is clearly in progress. In particular, the faucets: replacing the jiggly, junky $20 faucet with a real piece of plumbing has made the biggest impact. It's amazing how such a small detail can elevate. Nothing to be done about the $40 drop-in sink, but you don't really see it from most angles.

Someday I will share a few forceful opinions about people who renovate apartments only to sell them, and the moronic decisions they make about where to spend money and where to be cheap. Not today. (And just so you don't think we are super wasteful, nothing in here is less than about 10 years old - it wasn't JUST done).

Our kitchen shelving has been "open" for so long awaiting cabinet and hardware installation that I almost forget we have cabinets. Everyone who comes in comments on how much they like the open shelving. Truly it is au courant to ditch the cabinetry, but stuff in those cabinets gets filthy! We live in New York City, so we need only open our kitchen windows and we'd be power washing all our possessions every week. I hope all will be equally pleased by the pretty cabinets once they are in place.

Cabinets in Waiting

Now, we just need to choose tile for the backsplash (that granite piece is coming out), without one of us having a nervous breakdown. What is it about tile? It makes me go to pieces. Also, we'll be having the microwave replaced with a hood that is vented to the roof, so we might burn things as often as we like.

What else? We had a visit from our friends Mary & Joshua Ray, who abandoned New York for the Deep South last year. And we met their little guy Augie:

It is very alarming that I am being eaten!!

Augie approves of the sweater that Future Augie will receive for wear this fall (this is the warmest garment he'll need in Atlanta!), once it has buttons.

Augie's Sweater

It is a pretty basic top-down raglan, but wait 'til you see the sassy buttons it's going to have.

Next up, it seems we're throwing a housewarming party next weekend. We set the date ages ago thinking all of our renovations would be done by now HA! The cabinets should at least be up by then, and there's always the roof . . .

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