Labor Shrimp, or Satay Udang (Shrimp Satay)

All you believers in the old advice that spicy food kickstarts labor, behold, your secret weapon!

Satay Udang (Shrimp Satay) + Mango Salad

We had our friends Emily (9+ months pregnant), Trey, and their son Henry over for dinner on the roof last night for a last hangout with them before the new baby arrives.

Hen <3 Mommy DIS MUCH

Emily appreciates spice, and we joked a little about the spicy menu of Satay Udang, Mango Salad and Paleta de Pepino con Limón & Chile (Cucumber Ice Pops with Lime & Chile). She wasn't due until the end of the month, but everyone suspected baby would be here sooner . . . maybe spurred on by a healthy dose of thai chiles and habanero chile powder?

Sauce Ingredients + Vitamix

Well, at 4:30 AM Emily emailed to say they were on their way to the hospital: she was in labor. I'm not going to publish this until I hear some good news, but she's 6cm as I write and I'm excited for baby HuHa #2! Kim suggested this gives me the right to name the baby, but Henry's already claimed that honor: the child is to be "Oscar Big Bird," if a boy, and "Oscar the Grouch" if a girl. Ha.

Update: Emily, Trey and Henry welcomed little Maxwell this afternoon! Middle name undecided--I'm pushing for "Satay."


As for the shrimp, it was seriously my favorite thing we've made on our new grill to date. The recipe does call for one ingredient—kaffir lime leaves—that can be a challenge to find, but it turns out you can buy a great big box of them at Eataly, of all places, for 4 bucks, a great price for the quantity you get (what do I do with the rest?) (you can also buy them online if thai ingredients are hard to find in your area, poor thing) I also snagged the thai chiles there, and of course couldn't walk out of the place without a jar of marinated white anchovies. I only juuuuust escaped without a double scoop of gelato as well, but alas, Chris awaited at home.

The flavor the lime leaves add is hard to describe, but it's unmistakeable. Our apartment smelled like a green, fragrant heaven while preparing the sauce, though.



Have I told you about our new grill? In my effort to procrastinate on genuine home renovation tasks (why did no one ever tell me choosing kitchen tile would put me on the edge of a nervous breakdown?), we've continued outfitting our roof for round-the-clock summer living. Meet the newest member of our household:


It's the special Crate & Barrel edition of the Weber Performer, snagged used on Craig's List for a song, from a couple who got fined by their landlords for having it on their balcony. No such limitation on our roof (to the homeowner go the spoils?). So we've been grilling a couple times a week, and I've been pinning like mad to my "BBQ & Summer Parties" board on Pinterest (I'm on Pinterest, btw).

The grill has a lot of features, but I was not aware until last night that labor-induction was one of them. Now, we know. All the best to the family HuHa as they welcome their newest member!

ps: After struggling with a long time with the decision, I have disabled comments on my blog. I'm having a huge spam issue, but don't have time to think about how to address it or, ultimately, transition this site to a new platform. If you want to talk, I'd love to hear from you. Just email me at jess at figandplum dot com!

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