Deadpan the Bunny Blanket Buddy

Deadpan Blanket Buddy

Pattern: Bunny Blanket Buddy [Ravelry]
Yarn: Sublime Organic Cotton DK, 1 1/4 balls
Needles: US 3
Recipient: Baby Every Word's a Purl

When my dear friend Carrie got pregnant, I knew there would be a softie. Carrie and her husband Jon share an appreciation for stuffed animals that is rare among adults. Once they even had a difficult time permitting a certain crocheted hippopotamus to go live with the baby for whom he was made. It was a tricky situation.

As much as Carrie and Jon love softies, some of them are shelf pieces for the first year or so. And my new philosophy of baby gift crafting is practicality. With garments I am trying to choose practical patterns and yarns - the cotton I swore off years ago, the cardigan with offset buttons that make fastening easy. With this softie, I looked for a pattern people swore babies loved.

Turns out that babies love blanket buddies. I will not going to go so far as to claim that this is the Sophie the Giraffe of knitted toys, but I am assured that the combination of security blanket, chewtoy, and adorable animal is usually a winner. Carrieoke has made FOUR of them, including one for her little Charlie that is well-loved.

The trouble with this pattern is, well, hm:


That's why Carrieoke's husband Jacob calls Charlie's buddy "the creepy disembodied head bunny." And I don't want to call out anyone's knitting in particular, but some of the FOs on Ravelry are downright nightmarish, faceless devil bunnies. Now, babies are not particular about the kawaii factor, so they still rate high for practicality, but I knew we could do better.

So, I modified. Trouble is, I can't recall exactly how. I know I used the ear modifications here as a guide, and made the head in stockinette to make a smoother canvas for face embroidery. Instead of the sort of brioche stitch called for in the (somewhat confusing) pattern, I just separated the stitches onto DPNs and knitted the head in the round. And added a little scarf, because heck, it's jaunty!

Secret Blanket Buddy

So, there he is. Not half bad, right? I could not be happier for Carrie and Jon, and can't wait to meet their little one in a few weeks. I hope the gene for love of deadpan stuffed animal faces is hereditary!

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