Sweet Morning Potato

You might know that, nutrition-wise, sweet potatoes are the bomb diggity, especially compared to other tubers, like the bland, starchy, mealy, actual potato-potato (not to potato-bash too much - people who love potatoes are defensive when others, say, revile them. You potato-defenders know who you are). All this healthfulness despite the fact that they taste like dessert... but did you ever think of having them for breakfast? Me either, 'til I saw this post a while back at The Kitchen: Sweet Morning Potato. With 2% Greek yogurt, honey, and slivered almonds, this dish was filling and sweet and provided the perfect complement of flavors. Sweet potatoes: they're not just for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving anymore!

Posted by jess at June 18, 2006 2:33 PM | TrackBack

Ok, I know it's really healthy, but I so can't do it...

Posted by: Chris at June 18, 2006 3:45 PM

Oh, YUM! We have roasted sweet potatoes in the morning sometimes, with olive oil and garlic and cheese melted on top, and I make homefries with them, as well, but I never thought of maple syrup. That really sounds great.

Posted by: Adrian at June 18, 2006 7:37 PM

Oh yum! I loves me a sweet potato.

Posted by: colleen at June 18, 2006 10:05 PM

I just can't really get used to eating sweet potatoes. Too much like carrots for me.

Posted by: Melissa A. at June 19, 2006 8:29 AM

I really like yams (I think I eat those more than sweet potatoes but I get confused all the time) with coconut and lime. This is the recipe that what I make now is based on. Your recipe sounds really good (but with soy yogurt for me, of course).

Posted by: Michelle at June 19, 2006 10:39 AM

My grandfather used to make us fried sweet potatoes for breakfast when I was a kid. He would peel them and cut them into thick slices, then pan fry them in a teeny bit of oil, and salt them. Yum, yum!!!

Posted by: Lia at June 19, 2006 11:25 AM

Yes, Sweet potatoes are really good for you but when I stew them in a 1/2 pound of butter and a pound of brown sugar I think that sort of changes things.

Posted by: Jayme at June 19, 2006 2:11 PM

I was so happy to discover that same info just a few months ago! Yay for sweet potatoes. I could eat them for every meal. I'll definately try your breakfast recommendation.

Posted by: Casey at June 19, 2006 4:32 PM

How exactly did you cook the potato in the first place? Boil? Bake? I can never get my sweet potatoes to turn out right, and unfortunately, the recipe assumes that you're an old hand at cooking sweet potatoes. I'd like to know what you suggest.

Posted by: Esther at June 19, 2006 5:14 PM

What a neat idea! I'm totally going to try this!

Posted by: Jana at June 19, 2006 9:44 PM

Yuck! Yams! YUCK!

BUT, Japanese sweet potatoes (the ones that are yellow on the inside and purple on the outside) are AMAZING, and they make the prettiest plants when they sprout.

Posted by: Hari at June 20, 2006 12:08 AM

Breaded french-fried sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, sweet potato casserole, buttery baked sweet potatoes, so many choices, so tasty! My daughter will not touch anything orange except oranges (two year olds are wierd) but she loves her them sweet potato fries!

Posted by: Dorothy B at June 20, 2006 12:08 AM

Who'd've thunk it?

It actually sounds pretty good to me and my sweet tooth.

Posted by: schrodinger at June 20, 2006 12:17 AM

I don't like sweet potatoes at night, but this was good this morning somehow.

With vanilla yogurt mine didn't need any syrup.

Posted by: patricia at June 21, 2006 12:11 PM

Thank you so much for this delicious link. It'll be a nice sunday morning treat. Bake the potatoes the night before, turn on the oven with the morning, warm the potato, and with tea, oh the wonder!

(hello...,I am new to your blog, and a fellow park sloper. I found you by searching park slope knit shop. Thought I'd say greetings!)

Posted by: Miss Fae at June 22, 2006 11:42 AM

I tried this for dinner as a breakfast-for-dinner sort of thing - delish!

Posted by: Liane at June 22, 2006 12:54 PM

I love the sound of this recipe - I'll have to try it! Thanks for sharing.
I just came across your blog for the first time today - I really like what your site. I took up knitting last year and have my last unfinished project collecting dust in my closet. Looking at some of your knitting posts is reminding me that I should get back into it - it's so fun!

Posted by: Geneve at June 23, 2006 10:40 PM

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