The 311 On Christmas

Jinglewatch 2005: It's Day 3 of the Holiday Assault on Seventh Avenue. That's right: the third day of Christmas carols blasting onto the street in front of my apartment while I'm TRYING TO STUDY FOR MY FIRST AMENDMENT EXAM. When you move to New York City you expect street noise, car alarms, people screaming at each other, intermittent noise and music, but not a SUSTAINED ASSAULT OF HOLIDAY CHEER ON ONE'S LIVING AND WORKING QUARTERS. I refuse to be driven away. That's right. I'm USING CAPS. I'm kicking ass. I'm taking names. It's true: in direct contradiction (almost) with yesterday's post, I called 311 on Christmas. If the music doesn't stop in an hour, I'm calling again and going over there. Hopefully I won't be attacked by drunken barbers armed with shears and razors.

I really do feel grinchesque... if I were just hanging around the apartment baking cookies and making pompon garland (it's going to be lovely, Lolly!), it would be kind of nice. But unfortunately I'm trying to learn a whole semester of freedom of expression right now.

And oh yeah, we got our tree. Since it's in the window facing the source of the noise, I am tempted to decorate it with something offensive like A BIG SIGN THAT SAYS "SHUT UP!!!!!"

To Try: Self-striping sock yarn à la Eunny's excellent new tutorial!

Posted by jess at December 17, 2005 2:42 PM

*offers virtual earplugs*

The self-striping-sock tutorial from Eunny looks very nice and I do have the yarn and kool-aid lying around. One thing, I never have knitted a sock before *blush*, count it as one of my new years resolutions...

Posted by: Judith at December 17, 2005 6:01 PM

I haven't even been able to think about the pompom garland, girlfriend! I just finished school yesterday - hopefully I can get it done in time for NEXT Christmas ;)

Have a good one!

Posted by: Lolly at December 17, 2005 11:15 PM

Thanks for posting the yarn tutorial. I may have to try that after the holiday craziness slows down.

Posted by: Amy at December 18, 2005 10:18 AM

Nothing like obnoxious neighbors to "grinchify" your holiday. I understand a little how you feel, but it sounds like you have it worse. Good luck on your exams. Thanks for the tutorial!

Posted by: Cathy at December 19, 2005 8:33 AM

Nothing like a whole heck of a lot of noise when you're studying for finals. I'd be tempted to go kick their asses, but that's just me. Good luck on finals and take a picture of your tree.

Posted by: Stephanie at December 19, 2005 3:52 PM

I am not sure if anyone has told you but I found some today and thought of you. Trader Joe's has wasabi peas with no added flavors or colors. I know you are probably done living off of them at this point, but thought you might want to know. :)

Posted by: baast at December 19, 2005 4:18 PM
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