Young Buns Havin' Some Fun: Knitted Bunnies


Pattern: Knitted Bunny, free from Heartstrings Fibers
Yarn (large bunny): Bulky New Wool from Union Square Market + a bit of cashmere for tail
Yarn (small bunny): School Products Cashmere, worsted weight
Needles: US 13 straight needles (large), US 5 straight needles (small)
Recipients: Denny's mom, Chris' mom.

Notes: This was Jenny Narcoleptikov's first finished knitting project! I think her bunny (the large bunny) looks fabulous, even if he did at points in his making look like a turtle, and subsequently an armadillo. He looks like a bunny now, the color of beets, the national vegetable of Jenny's home country. As for me, this was my first time making pompons. Fun! Fast! Poofy! Poofy!

Here's Jenny knitting the ears of her bunny. Now that's concentration.
Here's Jenny's boyfriend Denny watching her knit the ears of her bunny. That's, um, boredom.
Posted by jess at March 19, 2005 11:32 AM

Glad that you guys were successful with the bunnies and the Kool Aid. That last caption for the boyfriend...a classic.

Posted by: la chica alta at March 20, 2005 9:06 PM
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