I'm Jessica. It's unclear what I should say about Fig and Plum, except that it's a hobby, sort of a hobby documenting other hobbies. I knit, and sometimes do other things. Sometimes I write the occasional bizarre scree about The New York Times, health food, or the credit economy. Most of the time I'm a law student, but most of the time it's unclear precisely why. I'm 28, a native Hoosier, and a current Brooklyner - Park Slope, Brooklyn, to be exact. Park Slope doesn't really count as Brooklyn, though. It's more like Chicago.

I live here with my domestic partner, or whatever, Chris. He's a Ph.D. student in journalism / media studies. Ph.D. student + law student = poor and overeducated, but happy nonetheless. I just love that man (even if I sometimes gross him out).

We have two naughty cats, Catty and Moses.

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