Icebox Shortbread


We're headed to a Christmas Eve open house at Erin and Lee's in Collingswood, NJ. They're our fancy friends who got married on Halloween last year, and they just bought their house last month. For the holidays, Erin entered an essay contest sponsored by the local Fox affiliate, and as a professional writer, she won in what I can only imagine was a landslide. Their house is reportedly lovely! (also look for Erin on NPR in the coming weeks - she'll be on some show talking about "Flavor Trends of 2005," since she works PR at a food flavoring company).

Anyhoo, we needed a fancy host gift for our fancy friends, so we whipped up a batch of icebox shortbreadK, a la this month's Everyday Food. One batch is spiked with dried cranberries and tangerine zest, the other with sesame seeds and candied ginger. I don't know whether it will turn out when they bake it, but the packaging sure looks cool. They were quick and easy to put together, and the fact that they need no baking is a lifesaver Chez Anderson, where the oven hasn't been replaced since it exploded (harmlessly, if you can believe that) on Chris' mom last Thanksgiving.

Posted by jess at December 24, 2004 6:36 PM

I made those SAME cookies, only with peanut butter chips. food that is 85% butter is very tasty, y'know? I had actually kind of hoped you didn't have that issue, since the menu for my dinner party is the entire 'holiday dinner' from that issue of everyday foods. so, act surprised on wednesday, okay?

Posted by: sarah at December 27, 2004 3:15 PM

cookies? what cookies? did you see any cookies?

actually we didn't eat any of the ones we made, so your shortbread will be new to us :)

Posted by: jess at December 29, 2004 11:38 AM

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