Pssst... Martha's Secret

If you subscribe to Martha Stewart Living Magazine, you have probably seen her feature called "Clip Art Crafts." For all the past issues, Martha and her minions have generously posted these to her Web site indefinitely, but now all of the old pdf files are much harder to find. In fact, I can only find February and January. (Any idea on where the oldies but goodies went to?)

As such, consider this a heads-up. You may want to head over there and download February's cute paper bags pdf before this cool online version of February's "Clip Art Craft" is lost for good.

Posted by joyolivia at February 2, 2004 12:01 PM

oooh, i missed this post somehow. that stinks! i noticed that they've been posting fewer recipes from everyday food online as well. intellectual property... argh - when will places realize the more they give for free the more widely distributed their brands?


Posted by: jess at February 15, 2004 12:50 PM