Tea Tree Toner

For some reason I've been obsessed with perusing the Lush website and forums recently. I can't afford to indulge at the moment, but I did bribe a friend to bring me back some Pineapple Grunt Soap (mmm my favorite soap from the UK days is being discontinued - so sad!) and Sweet Japanese Girl from Toronto last week. Lush is a great source for ideas for home cosmetic chemists like me.

Anyway, I was looking into making a toner for C. to use as an aftershave and me to use post-wash. Lush has a tea tree water toner, made of tea tree, grapefruit, and juniperberry hydrosols. Unfortunately, hydrosols, or floral waters, are quite difficult to find cheaply if you're not looking for rose or lavender, and the one place I found tea tree hydrosol at a reasonable price (Herbal Soaps by RJ), was sold out. So I checked out toner recipes on the Toiletries List, improvised a little, and came up with the following:

TEA TREE TONER (**MUST** be shaken before use)
3 oz. distilled water
1 oz. vodka (you could also omit this and use 4 oz. of water)
1/4 - 1/2 T essential oil (I used mostly tea tree with some lavender, which is also antiseptic... you could use grapefruit, juniper berry, or whatever suits your fancy) 

The obvious disadvantage is that you must remember to shake this before use, otherwise the EOs will not distribute properly. Hydrosols avoid this problem, and are gentle enough to be applied directly to skin (actually, tea tree is one of the few EOs it's alright to put on your skin directly, unless you're really sensitive). But after a few days of use, C. regularly, willingly uses this after shaving (NOT because I'm making him but because he says it makes his skin less ouchy after the bic), and I'm using it after I wash and maybe once in the afternoon just because it's a nice freshener in this swampy city heat.
Note: Jupiter's Essential Oils actually has a broad selection of hydrosols, including juniper berry, and $12 gets you 250 ml (I'm guessing that's about 8 oz.) of tea tree hydrosol.  

Posted by jessica at August 22, 2003 10:20 AM