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I am lucky enough to live in one of the best communities on the planet - Brooklyn!  Time Out New York ran an article last year calling Brooklyn "the new Manhattan" or some hooey, but Brooklyn trumps Manhattan every day!  People in Brooklyn still have accents.  We are the ones with the Cosby Show brown- stones.  We have a middle class.  We have trees.  We have a burgeoning restaurant scene, and the hippest neighborhood in the city right in Brooklyn.  We have Prospect Park.  WE are the ones with that great VIEW of Manhattan.  Manhattanites have to look at us, with our low buildings and zillions of churches.  Or worse, they have to look at Jersey.

C and I live in Park Slope.  It's gorgeous.  The neighborhood has gotten a little yuppified over the last several years, but there are still plenty of pizzerias and and the trash still stinks.  Our apartment is two blocks from Prospect Park.  We know our neighbors and they are down-to-earth.  We have a nutty landlord named Santo, who spends his days lambasting neighbors who dump their trash in front of our building.  I can't understand a single word he says.  There are four bookstores (excluding Barnes and Noble) on our street, within 6 blocks. We have jazz clubs, brewpubs, a YMCA, a fantastic organic food coop, several Thai and Japanese restaurants, and the Ethical Culture Society on our doorstep.

You want to move here.  Admit it.

Here are some wicked Brooklyn links:

I don't know why this site isn't more widely known, but it is my #1 Brooklyn resource!  It always features the best Brooklyn events, and has a super complete calendar and commercial listings.  My laundromat's even in there!

Park Slope Food Coop
The Park Slope Food Coop is the largest food coop in the country, with 6,000 members.  They make it possible to buy affordable organic groceries in a clean, friendly environment, which is a rarity in this city.  Pay $25 and work for less than 3 hours per month, and you're in!  
I like Williamsburg, though I could never live there because I lack enough hip clothes to fill an entire week of walking down the street to the subway.  Plus there is no green space.  But it's cool to visit, and I'm glad I have friends there!

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
We saw Tom Waits' Woyzeck there last week.  It was wierd, but the production was excellent (so was the music - it's on his CD Blood Money if you're interested!  BAM is reliable for avant garde performance.  It's also my favorite place to see a film in the entire city - their old performance halls are the theaters!