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About this site

These are my favorite sites on the web for learning how to do sumpin. 

Craft Meccas

Get Crafty
GC hosts many guest columnists who have made it in some way or another in DIY, design, or craft.  Cool ideas aplenty, and lots of links to good resources.  

Glitter: Discuss Crafts
This is how I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with ribbing when I learned to knit!  Never be alone in a craft quandary again and get muchos ideas.  From Get Crafty.

Martha Stewart Online
Much as we all have mixed feelings about the woman herself, this website is full of amazing resources.  I have to respect Martha for how much content she offers on the website for free.  

Popular Mechanics for crafty people or folks who love design.  They don't offer much on their website, but you should subscribe anyway to ensure they stay in business!

Thrift Deluxe
This London-based DIY webzine has a small number of great projects similar to the ones that run in ReadyMade, although RM does not put their projects online.  I particularly like their directions for making your own edgy t-shirts, because who wants to pay $80 for a t-shirt with Mao on the front when you could make one yourself?


Knitter's Review
The primary thing on this site is yarn - there are plenty of thorough, trustworthy reviews of different types.  There are also moderately active message boards with plenty of expert knitters around, and some handy 'how-tos,' including what looks like a good one for knitting socks. 

For knitters with a, uh, "fresh attitude," whatever that means.  Despite the 'tude, the site is full of funky, simple patterns for people like you and me, even if our attitudes are stinking up the fridge.  I love these wristwarmers, though I never have noticed my wrists being especially in need of coverage.


Sewing for earnestly ambitious dumb-butts like me.  Their slogan: mama didn't raise a seamstress.  I'm there, right Mom?

SODI: Somebody Else Did It
These sites are a great way to both get ideas and support other crafters!

Cut + Paste
Pick*y Cosmetics